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Children's ribbed leggings with suspenders

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Update 2.0

Make the cutest leggings with braces that no one else around has. Leggings with braces are a fashion hit, but also a great fitting piece for a young child's wardrobe.

With this pattern, you can sew a long version with an elastic waist from size 56 to 104. Also a version with a waistband for children from 56 to 92 cm. This version does not have additional numbers as it is not very suitable for bigger children. You can also sew short versions as shorts or shorts.

Leggings with elastic waistband
high-waisted leggings
Cut type:
A4, A0 in PDF

Cut includes 0.7 cm seam allowance.

What type of fabric?
The cut is designed for ribbed stretch knits 95% cotton - 5% elastane. With this fabric you will achieve the best result. You can also find out which knit to buy on our blog. We can also advise you where.

Fabric consumption:
62 - 74 - approx. 50 cm of fabric 110 cm wide
80 - 92 - approx. 60 cm of fabric 110 cm wide
98 - 104 - approx. 90 cm of fabric 110 cm wide

Which machine:
I recommend an overlocker and a straight stitch machine. You can sew the whole thing on a straight stitch machine but you need to have a stretch stitch set up or have elastic thread. See the instructions for your specific machine model for how to set the elastic stitch,

I recommend a maximum needle strength of 75 s I will mark Ball point - needles with a round point. For weaker machines with less pressure, 80 Ball Point can be used. On industrial machines the needles are marked as SES and again this is a round point.

How to buy?
I have prepared the pattern for you in digital form and it is ready for you to download immediately after your payment, Once you have paid the payment gateway page will redirect you back to the shop to download your files. But don't worry, if by chance the site gets stuck, your files are ready in the confirmation email as well.

License type:
The purchased cut is ready for home use only. It is not possible to make and sell products based on this cut to others for profit.

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