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What knit do I recommend for ribbed leggings with suspenders?

Beautiful Saturday my lovely women behind the machines. Yesterday I managed to release the first cut, I honestly didn't even hope for it, but it's here and I'm really glad that everything worked out. Today I have prepared a post for you that will answer your question about how to choose the right material for the cut of Leggings with braces. But I think that he will generally be able to help you with further selection. The choice of materials is always governed by the same rules, and it is not difficult to get your bearings in the end. It's like swimming. Once you learn it, you can always do it.

Knit vs. tension in the tunnel

The first question I received yesterday in an email was whether to choose a ribbed "knit" in the tunnel or a ribbed knit. And the question is really well asked. Because ribbed knitwear is much more commonly sold here as a so-called tunnel or tubular.

Tubular is a material that is about 30 cm wide but is double. Entwined in such a tunnel that has no right or left side. If you cut it in the middle, you get a width of approx. 70 cm.

Knit, on the other hand, is a full-width fabric. Sometimes it is shorter. About 110 - 120 cm. Sometimes longer. But when you unfold it, it just looks like a classic fabric.

And now what to sew the cut of leggings with suspenders?

You can sew leggings from both types. Like nothing will go wrong. But knitwear is easier to work with, better positioned and cheaper. Tubular has no advantages worth mentioning.

So once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy.

Composition is important

For my first cut, the composition of the fabric and its type are mainly important. Choose between ribbed knits in a ratio of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Or a higher number of elastane in proportion to cotton. Rib knits are much more elastic than classic knits. And the fit is designed for small children like leggings. It sits beautifully on the body. You can only achieve such an effect with a very flexible fabric.

What about weight?

The weight of the knit does not matter much. The grammage does not tell you how elastic the knit is, but how strong and dense it is. The higher the number, the denser and stronger the fabric will be. But it does not affect the elasticity. However, weaker knits from smaller weights will be damaged more quickly, for example on knee pads.

Where to buy elastic ribbed knitwear?




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