About me

Hello dear customers,

welcome to my website dedicated to my hobby of custom graphic design and haircuts for children and adults. And also a little dedicated to sewing, creating and activities that I like. I've been working with children's cuts and construction for some time now, and I started out as someone who didn't like sewing, but with a great desire to create something of my own. The first piece I sewed was a baby hat. Today, I have a collection of more than 80 haircuts for children and I would like to share them with you right here.

How did I start?

My work started at an early age. I was always drawing and consuming stacks of paper. I mostly drew with pencil and pen. A black pencil or pen has remained dominant for me even today. I used to draw a lot of comics just to entertain my sister. In the school for teachers, pictures to decorate school corridors. Later, portraits of their horses or personal portraits for friends.
Then I stopped drawing completely for a while.

Only in adulthood, when I gradually bought a tablet and also started sewing, did I gradually return to graphics. In the form of drawing patterns for fabrics. Our fabric designs and clothing designs suddenly make perfect sense.

Patterns and designs

After the birth of my last daughter, I started to devote myself fully to the company. We eventually closed the business because it didn't fit our goals or our lives. But the creative soul remained in me and here I am with my little website and the old logo that I loved.

I would like to welcome you here.

Thank you for your trust

Helena Lachowicz